What can be pregnant with toothache

Toothache is quite reasonably considered the most unpleasant and unbearable. you, she does not spare even pregnant women. But if ordinary, not pregnant women have a fairly large selection of ways to combat this nuisance, then the young lady is small in the position.

Most medicines are not suitable for this purpose, as it has a direct effect on the body of the fetus. In order to simplify life for expectant mothers and get rid of the collection of struggle funds on the Internet, all the little that can be pregnant with toothache is collected below. For this purpose, some medications and, of course, proven folk remedies are suitable.

Permissible medicines

It will probably be superfluous to remind that the first thing you need to find the cause of toothache, and this can only be done in the dentist’s office.

The use of traditional pharmaceuticals in the treatment of dental pain in pregnant women is very, very limited. Significant drugs that relieve dental pain, pregnant women are contraindicated. Only sparing medicines are permissible, and they will not be eliminated 100% from painful sensations.

Means that are allowed, or at least not contraindicated, include:

No-shpa or drotaverin (the active substance of No-shpa)-sufficiently standard two tablets;

Paracetamol is the most common drug for the treatment of anything in pregnant women;

Tempalgin is not quite a reasonable choice, but in exceptional cases it is permissible to drink half a tablet;

Another drug for extreme cases is Ketanov, but drinking it without the permission of the doctor is not only unreasonable, but also extremely dangerous.

Surprisingly, medications for pregnant women work much worse than on everyone else. But folk remedies, on the contrary, work excellent. In addition, there is almost everything in their arsenal that can be pregnant with toothache.

Alternative medicine

Traditional medicine within reasonable limits can facilitate the life of the expectant mother and get rid of a number of unpleasant symptoms.

Getting rid of dental pain is the use of such means:

rinsing the oral cavity with a solution of soda in a ratio of 1 teaspoon per glass of warm water;

rinse with a decoction of sage – a tablespoon of 200 ml;

Applying a compress to a sore tooth with a gruel of aloe, honey and kalanchoe;

Applying the halves of the head of garlic or gruel from garlic to the sore tooth;

Pharmacy recipe dental drops are also safe and help to cope with toothache.

Folk remedies should also be used with caution – if the girl has an allergy to any of the components, then against the background of hormonal and immune changes in the body of a pregnant woman, all manifestations can be safely multiplied by ten.

Even if you managed to completely get rid of toothache, the next day it is still necessary to visit the dentist and do the treatment. Moreover, no one knows better than a doctor what is possible for pregnant women from toothache and what is impossible. Only a professional will be able to choose the correct treatment method.