What does the human reproduction and genetics clinic do?

Many married couples and couples living out of marriage acquire offspring without any outside help. As a rule, most pregnancies are planned and desirable. There are, however, and exceptions. But it happens that all efforts to emerge a new life do not lead to the desired results.

If the long -awaited pregnancy does not occur. If there were problems with the course of previous pregnancies: spontaneous interruption – miscarriage or medical interruption – abortion, stillbirth, other types of non -bearing. If there is a risk of transferring hereditary diseases for future children. If for any reason I wanted to save the germ cells (egg or sperm). Then, the services of such couples have a clinic of reproduction and genetics of human IVFClinic. . . To learn more about this clinic, go to IKI, where you can find all your details.

Specialists of various directions work in such a clinic. Gynecologists – experts of the female sexual sphere. Thinological urologists-doctors engaged in the correction of deviations in reproductions in men. Genetics – specialists in inherited characteristics, including possible diseases. Reproductologists – compare all possible causes of an incoming pregnancy and determine the ways of their possible solution. Psychologists – to preserve general emotional comfort. Doctors of ultrasound diagnostics-looking inside a person with the help of echo-sensors. And various laboratory assistants conducting specialized research.

The main area of ​​work of the clinic of the reproduction and genetics of a person is the elimination of factors that interfere with the onset of natural pregnancy. These can be inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere in a woman, and any causes that violate the formation of sperm and their motor activity. Also, in the work of the clinic, much attention is paid to hereditary factors or the risk of congenital diseases. In some cases, “IVF” is held – extracorporation (t. e. outside the body) fertilization.

A separate area in the work of such clinics is the compilation of genetic maps and the definition of genetic kinship.