What is it necessary to teach a son?

When it comes to raising children, many parents cannot see the line in time when their little son begins to turn into a man. That is why many parents do not have time to give timely advice, which is why their children make life mistakes that could have been avoided. So what you definitely need to teach your son?

Communication with the opposite sex.

Be sure to tell your son about how to meet a girl and how to make an impression on her. Tell and teach the basics of etiquette and proper communication with girls. If possible, then try to make the child’s father with a personal example show how to behave with women, while treating you well at the same time. Tell your son about family relationships and their roles in the life of every man.

Health – first of all.

Now that you can no longer force your son to wear an ugly but warm hat, it’s time to take care of his health other. Introduce him to a good urologist, to which on occasion he can turn. Tell us about the means of contraception and their importance. It’s good if you or the doctor tells about sexually transmitted diseases so that your child understands the importance of protection. Remember that you cannot protect your child from premature growing up and trace his sexual contact, but you have a chance to teach him how to protect himself and preserve your health.

About the dangers of alcohol.

With modern youth, it is practically to no use to talk about the dangers of alcohol, because the imaginary permissiveness and an abundance of low -alcohol drinks is too much temptation. Therefore, it is very important not to categorically talk about the dangers of alcohol, but to seriously warn your child. Remember that categorical prohibitions will have the opposite effect, and only a calm conversation with explanations can work as it should.