What is needed for independent application gel varnish shellac?

Gel polish new nail covering technology will provide manicure for several weeks. This is a hybrid of varnish and gel, is not afraid of scratches, chips, burnout. Therefore, more and more often many women buy shellac instead of ordinary nail polish. What is needed to apply this miracle to the nails?

First of all, for starters, you will need a 36-watt lamp, powerful, so that the gel polish dried up well and become inconspicuous. It’s great that shellac is unbearable and does not damage natural nails. You will also need a nail file, a grinder, a brush, ears with a sharp tip, a fur – this is a spatula for moving the cuticle, the basic coating, the finish coating, the digedora, the shellac.

The first and necessary that needs to be done is the nails in order. With a file, straighten the shape of the nails, remove excess dust with a brush. With the help of a cannon, remove excess skin under the cuticle so that it does not cause the peel of the varnish. Treat with an antiseptic, degrease well, gel polish is applied to a dry surface. After the nail has dried up, cover the nail with the base tool, carefully so that it does not fall under the cuticle, it will ensure the clutch between the nail and shellac. Place the nails in an ultraviolet lamp for 2 minutes, to harden the product. The basic coating gives a sticky layer, it needs to be degreased.

Then shellac is taken and applied to the nail plate, carefully, almost reaching the edge of the cuticle and stretch to the bottom, the first coating is ready, put in a lamp for 3 minutes. The denser the shellac, the longer it is in the lamp. The second layer is applied, also in the lamp for 3 minutes. Ends everything in the finish coating and into the drying lamp. Further impregnated with degreasing agents, wipe the sticky layer of the nail. Gloss will not be lost, shine will remain throughout the sock.

Such a coating is harmless to health, strengthen natural nails, provide impeccable manicure. Such a coating is quickly removed without damaging the nail plate. Nowadays there is a wide palette of gel – varnishes, for every taste.