What is the reason for men’s campaign to prostitutes?

A large number of men who sometimes visit institutions with prostitutes have recently been able to participate in a survey. As a result, the main part of the male population was married or had constant relations with its loved ones. Let’s try to figure out why prostitutes are in great demand among their customers.

The young guy Alex admitted to the survey that prostitutes help him replace the usual relationship in life. In childhood, he received a severe psychological trauma (he was not particularly paid to his parents and loved ones), later because of this it is very difficult for him to establish relations not only with the female sex, but with all the others. This is precisely his reason for using intimate services for money, other communication methods, unfortunately, are not subject to Alex.

One young man also complained, who had bitter experience of intimacy with a prostitute in Thailand. He was very upset by the fact that the priestess of love did not have any emotions, it was impossible to just talk about life. A girl from Russia, like all the other prostitutes of Moscow, did not want to talk at all, was on the bed all the time and was only related to sex. This behavior very upset the guy. But this is most likely a rarity, the bulk of men reflects in a completely different way. For example, the same interviewed young man named Nick was an ardent hater of women and believed that the negative sensations of a prostitute were quite justified. This is, as it were, the work of a corrupt woman, she only receives money for her intimate services, if they brought her great pleasure, according to Nika, most customers would be considered deceived. And none of the visitors of intimate institutions will like such a turn of events. Also, most of the survey participants are sure that the very concept of prostitution and, in fact, it itself as a type of profession will exist almost always, while girls and men walk on the ground with lust with their beauty. Another part of the respondents simply believes that it is necessary to comply with the basic laws of the state and not violate them with the help of corrupt love.

The survey itself was conducted by a journalist from London Julie Bayndel, heard many different comments from the participants and came to a consensus that almost all men really understand how the girl gets and begins to work as a prostitute. At the same time, no one experiences any various illusions, everything is clear and clear to everyone. The opinion is very common that, due to the lack of prostitution, men will have to achieve women more strongly, that a young man who has long had no sex, so necessary for him for his physiological needs, can simply be capable of violent measures to relieve his tension, in violent measures, in including rape. Many of the participants surveyed admitted that they sympathize with the priestesses of love, understand their hopelessness and psychological stress from pimps. Also, returning to their wives, they are not left by a sense of shame and guilt. However, all these negative emotions cannot help abandon their pernicious habit.