What must always have at hand?

Despite the fact that the female handbag is a huge mystery and the Bermuda triangle, there are obligatory things that must be at hand of every woman. So what is it necessary to fill the handbag that you use daily?

First of all, these are the necessary drugs. Among the obligatory, put a remedy for bloating in a handbag, from headaches, from diarrhea, from pressure and from the heart. Such a necessary set of tablets, even if you put them in a handbag of only a few tablets, will be able to help you and those who are next to you in the most unforeseen situations.

In addition to mandatory tablets, it is important to wear in a purse and spare hygiene products. Among them, there should be a gasket, a swab, a pack of wet and dry napkins and a rag scarf.

If we are not talking about a day off, but about a daily handbag, then there must be a place for a freshener for breathing and an antiseptic, which, if possible, can process your hands if it is not possible to wash them under running water.

In addition, in the handbag of a real woman you can always find a small mirror and a folding road comb. And, even if you have a separate mirror in the cosmetic bag and you always carry a cosmetic bag with you, still put a small mirror in a separate pocket pocket. If you once need to quickly look in the mirror (for example, if something gets into your eye) you will not have time to look for your mirror in a cosmetic bag among a mass of cosmetics.

And most importantly, it must be in your handbag is order. No, this does not mean at all that everything should definitely lie in their places. This applies to the purity of the entire internal space of the female handbag. Clean more often and wash it so that all the things that fall into it are not smeared and do not spoil.