What must be in a female handbag?

In addition to order, in your handbag, it is worth prescribing several more items that serve not only your style, but also the quality of your appearance.

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So, if you already have a ladies’ handbag, you should not ignore being in it:

– Mirrors. This is certainly an indispensable thing that will say better than a girlfriend that you have wrong with hair and whether mascara has been sprinkled;

– By the way, mascara. It is extremely not recommended to tint the morning makeup (we are talking about eyelashes), otherwise it will immediately look cheap and “in haste”. But life circumstances are not predictable: once after washing my head in the Parichmasky, I realized with horror that my flowing mascara should be washed, and I had nothing to tint my eyes – be prudent;

– comb. Under some weather conditions, it is simply vital: to come for an interview, a meeting with customers, and even more so on a date with disheveled hair, even in windy weather, is not an excuse for a real lady;

– pomade. Unlike mascara, lipstick can be applied to the lips more than once during the day. It is even necessary, especially in winter.

– Wallet. This thing in the purse has not yet damaged a single lady, especially if there are cash in it. Only one advice: next to the money, put a note to yourself, in which you will give out in detail what really is (!) you need to buy so as not to spend money irrationally.

Additional trinkets can also find their place in a bag, but remember that you also carry it.

In the video you will learn how to choose a bag and what should be in it: