What should be in a manicure set?

Every woman is mandatory trying to care for her nails. This is not surprising, because it is beautiful nails that is a sign of a sophisticated and graceful woman. Of course, in our time there is no problem associated with the lack of providing nail care services, but not every girl can afford to constantly put a manicure salon.

Not every representative of the fair sex has time and money for this. Actually, this is why many ladies prefer to take care of the nails on their own and only sometimes visit a manicure specialist.

It is worth noting that a manicure at home requires a certain set of tools, with which a girl can easily independently perform all procedures. Often many representatives of the fair sex have questions regarding what should include manicure accessories. As a rule, devices from a manicure set can be classified into several types: cutting, non -cutting and devices for processing cuticle and nails. The cutting, first of all, include scissors that can have a variety of forms. It is also important that the scissors deserve special attention and they need to pay special attention to the purchase of a manicure set.

If necessary, some scissors can be purchased separately. To care for nails at home, it is enough to purchase one or two scissors of various shapes, this will be enough to make it convenient for you to work with nails. Also, cutting instruments include nippers, forceps and knilers. Faps, tweezers and other devices for polishing and cleaning nails can be attributed to non -cutting tools. To process the cuticle, as a rule, a special spatula or wooden or plastic stick is used. In order to make a manicure yourself, at home, you will need 5 or 7 devices. They must include scissors, saws, nippers, spatula and wand.