What should be taught at driving courses?

If a person decides to drive a car, then he must imagine in advance what skills he must master in order to become a real driver. I must say that those requirements that are presented to a person who wants to get rights is quite stringent. Speaking otherwise, the future driver must have good health, nerves, have a good reaction and coordination of movement, etc. D.

True, before entering the driving school, you must do it without fail on what the instructor will teach you and what is his total driving experience. After the first lessons in driving with him, it will become clear what his driving style is and whether he will fit as an instructor.

Before the start of training, it is worth viewing the curriculum, according to which these classes will be held. In the future, compliance with this plan should be monitored more carefully and strictly, but what should the driving instructor be taught at all?

First of all, at the end of training, a person must confidently know the rules of the road, which can be called a base for safe driving. When traffic rules are learned, you can start driving in real conditions.

If the instructor is good, then he must teach the cadet to foresee a possible emergency situation on the road. If the student does not receive such a skill, then there can be no question of safe driving a car. T. e. At a subconscious level, the future professional driver is obliged to be able to predict the speed and direction of the car movement. After all, the driver who can predict the situation on the road will have much more time to react in a timely manner to the current situation on the road.

If, after studying at a driving school, a person understands that he cannot drive a car on his own, then he does not need to risk it. Best to continue training.