What sports section to prefer for a child?

The problem of most modern children is that since childhood they have been chained to monitors of their computers, televisions, tablets, smartphones. As a result, from childhood they may have problems with immunity, improper development, excess weight, etc. D.

And parents are to blame for this, for whom it is much more convenient when the children do not make noise, do not go on their heads and do not dirty clothes on the street. After all, parents are at work all day and they really want the children in the evening after a hard day’s day. And thanks to the computer and TV, they succeed. Often, parents themselves can spend the rest of the day before the monitor on social networks.

But all this, of course, is very harmful and bad, t. To. The family does not communicate, and children do not develop physically. It is for this reason that from childhood it is necessary to limit their access to a computer, TV and introduce to sports. Sport not only positively affects the physical development of children, but also trains their character, making it tougher, developing leadership qualities, which will then be very useful in all other areas when the child becomes an adult. The main thing is not to take this opportunity from the child and let him choose what he likes. You can take it to different sections so that he could determine a little, he could determine whether he likes this sport or not. And for girls and boys, hand -to -hand combat for children, which will affect their character, will teach to defend themselves, stand for themselves in conflict situations.

For girls, artistic gymnastics is suitable, which affects flexibility and general tone. Both boys and girls can visit swimming, which develops not only light, but also proper posture. The child himself will be able to choose a sport like him, the main thing is to show him all this and give him the opportunity to make a choice.