What surgical dentistry does?

Having arrived at the dental clinic, you can notice that the services provided by it are divided into several types, one of which is surgical dentistry. Surgeons – dentists do not treat teeth, removal of caries, laying seals, etc. D. The most popular type of their services is tooth extraction. It is the surgeon, and not the therapist removes the tooth from the patient if the therapist recognizes the tooth lost.

In addition, surgical dentistry also specializes in the treatment and elimination of a variety of pathologies of not only teeth, but also soft tissues of the jaw. It can be a classic fistula on the gum that appears if you do not treat and start a sick tooth. The surgeon reveals the fistula so that the purulent fluid can come out, then it treats the wound with a special antiseptic to prevent infection. It is precisely the dentist-a surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon, as it is called differently, it opens the inflamed area on the gum by cutting and excises infiltrate. If there is a neoplasm in the oral cavity, the surgeon takes puncture to explore the material in the laboratory.

Also, the competence of the maxillofacial surgeons includes the removal of the tooth cysts, papillomas in the oral cavity, lengthening and correction of the shape of the gum above the tooth. Sinus service is very popular with patients – a lifting when a surgeon evens out the gum line above the teeth, making a smile even and beautiful, provided that the teeth themselves are in order and are located correctly. These experts are preparing the holes for the future prosthetics and installation of the implant implanted in the jaw. If necessary, remove milk teeth in children, or wisdom teeth in adults, it is also necessary to turn to the maxillofacial surgeons precisely.