What to do for a walk with a child in winter?

Baby games in the fresh air in winter open new opportunities, but suggest mobility. Properly organized time on the street and outdoor games will allow you to be longer in the fresh air, of course, only if you play and move with your child.

Snow games

Snow can provide children and parents with a huge scope for a variety of entertainment. Skating snowballs for the smallest will become a separate fun, and if the snowman with a funny nose-carrots suddenly gets out of them, then for the baby this will become a real event. Snowmen can be large, and can be small, which can be taken home and put on the balcony. From snow, you can sculpt not only snowmen, but also of different funny little animals and characters from fairy tales.

The game in snowballs develops the dexterity and reaction of the baby – only you need to make sure that the snow is not too heavy and hard, for the smallest it may well be just a handful of snow. It is not necessary to throw snowballs at each other: make a target on the fence or deaf wall of the house, where you will get snowballs. You can draw it with crayons and invite other children to participate in it: a joint game allows them to see the results of not only their efforts, but also others. You can reward the winner, but it is best that everyone gets a reward – this is not a competition, but a game.

Games with improvised means

In addition to playing with snow, parents should stock up in advance with various improvised means – after all, in winter you can not do without them. Modeling snow figures with the help of a bucket and scoop is also an interesting activity, but you do not need to do it for too long, because the baby can freeze. Skis and skates are not suitable for the smallest, but sleds are suitable for a child of any age. Do not forget that the sled is not a stroller, they do not protect from the cold, so sitting on them motionless, the baby can quickly overcool. If you took a sled with you for a walk, then make sure that the child moves enough. Invite him to roll his toy on them, play with snow, with other items.

If there is deep snow on the street, and your child loves to ride on his own, then for skiing from a hill the best-sledges, which are represented in the Dostavka-Deti online store, are the best suicide. . They can be used for skiing in winter and for playing water in the summer, they will cause a lot of pleasure to children of any age, and adults too. Due to their softness, sledges-sleds are safer for children. Although the tubing has only recently came to our country, it becomes more and more popular among people who love outdoor activities. At the moment, it is more profitable for buying sledges on the Internet, since the difference in price compared to their cost in ordinary stores is very significant.

As you can see, you can come up with quite a lot of diverse classes in the winter in the fresh air, so neither children nor parents will have to miss the outdoor games and classes in cold weather not only develop the dexterity of the child, but also temper him.