What to do if I fell in love with a girl?

It seems incredible and meaningless. But this happens. And not as rare as it seems. We just never know what to expect from another friendship. Therefore, tender sympathy or ardent passion for the representative of the fair sex from the same representative – not uncommon.

This story is similar to hundreds of others. Когда подруги много времени проводят вместе, понимают друг друга, буквально, с полуслова, когда им нравятся одни и те же вещи, украшения, духи. Even sympathy is manifested to boys of the same type. But the girl falls in love … to her friend. Someone will say-abnormal. You can even call a crazy, unusual, unusual, anti -stereotypical. But all this does not change what is happening. All the time thoughts become occupied only by a friend.

And I really want to find the answer to the question of what to do if I fell in love with a girl?

First you need to understand yourself and clearly imagine whether it is really love, or just sympathy. Lesbian love manifests itself, first of all, with a sexual attraction to another woman. If the girl likes externally, if a surge of happiness is always felt when meeting her – this is not an indicator of love. You need to imagine yourself in the same bed. Are erotic fantasies appear regarding girlfriends? Draw mentally a bed scene with her participation. Suppose you lie naked and begin to frankly have sex. Present everything in the smallest details. And if there is a strong excitement, then, most likely, this is love. If something confuses, to do some actions awkward, then this is not true love, but only a strong affection, which over time can develop into strong friendship.

If a friend in conversations mentioned that she was not against a same -sex love. If you gave you signs in which you could read a hint of love, then you need to act. First, talk about lesbian relations and homosexuality. Do not ask a question in the forehead, ask this after joint viewing, for example, an erotic film. If lesbians do not cause disgust among a friend, then there was a chance to move from platonic feelings to bedding. If you began to trust each other, if you are “on the same wave”, then invite her to visit you. After a glass of wine, delicate hugs can go to light kisses. And after – put fantasy. After all, a woman can give another woman an incredible pleasure.

True, there are situations when the object of lust is interested exclusively by guys. And in this case, you need to either direct all your forces to the seduction of another girl, or try to forget all this and get carried away with some guy.

In this case, the answer to the question of what to do if I fell in love with a girl, a little different. Firstly, you need to get acquainted with the guy, and the way you really like. And spend all your strength on him – try to please him in all ways, spend time on styling and makeup, dress beautifully. In a word, do everything to make it your. And, secondly, start spending time on your development. In particular, read interesting, informative books, go to courses (no matter, they will teach to cook or play on the violin, the main thing is that the head will be busy with others).

In any case, remember, we are bisexual by nature. Therefore, we can enjoy in any way. The main thing is not to go against your desires.