What to do in the last trimester

So the last trimester came. The tummy has already grown significantly, and continues to grow up every day. It has become harder to move. Finally the long -awaited maternity leave, but the husband, relatives, and friends at work, and you are alone at home.

As a rule, if anyone calls, then it will surely insert in his speech: “Pour out! And then there will be no time “. As if you can get ahead!

You need to figure out what to do, but now depending on the personal characteristics.

Go shopping. So you can combine pleasant with useful. Buy any knitted products that will definitely come in handy after childbirth.

Remember what you loved to do as a child. Maybe – it will be drawing or coloring. Now you can buy a whole picture for coloring. The result will turn out a very beautiful masterpiece. You can do origami or surprise everyone by making topiary.

Watch the movie for your pleasure, just do not abuse horror.

You never know what. Finally read the book to which your hands did not reach. After all, the brain is already tired of all preparatory for the generosity of literature. And if you are not tired, then you can still chat on the forum in addition to books. Only you should choose rainbow topics.

It would also be great to collect friends and prepare a delicious dinner. Or just surprise your household with original pastries. And then go to the park, oceanarium or any other favorite place together.

Well, if boredom tortured, then write to everyone who is in the phone book a message: “I miss” – you will immediately give you 101 ways not to miss, well, or they will send a couple of pleasant words. So enjoy the moment, because you will never be close to the baby, as now.