What to give the boss for the New Year?

Gifts for the New Year are different and choosing them to strangers is much more complicated than close ones, because their tastes usually do not know little. Although there are some exceptions and one of them is a gift to a work colleague or boss. In this case, a person, although not native and you communicate little, but still know each other well and have an approximate performance about him.

New Year’s present for a man’s boss can be any, but the best is original and expensive. If you buy cufflinks, then the best, for example, montblanc cufflinks, and when the choice fell on the clock, then Swiss or ordinary, but with a unique bracelet – decorated with jewelry or design work will be ideal. You can purchase Montblanc cufflinks, for example, Delpodarki. .

And on condition that the chef is a woman, everything becomes even easier. Any representative of the fair sex will please cosmetics, gift cards to a beloved buyer or a subscription to the most modern and popular fitness club or pool. But to know about the preferences of each lady in these matters is very desirable, and employees will help to find out information of this kind, and maybe her family members are also like that, too, it happens.

Wine for the boss or elite cognac – good options before such a winter holiday, but only in the case when a person treats alcohol loyal. Souvenirs on the theme of the holiday will look cute, but they still need to add something else to them in addition-the gift is not for children who can be touched at the sight of the chocolate figure of Santa Claus!

Even when the team does not like its boss – this is not a reason to give him a trinket worth less than 500 rubles. This person has more money than you all, so he can afford to buy expensive things, so giving a certain amount from small bills in the envelope is also a bad tone. It is better to make attention in another way – make a real gift!