What you need to cover nails gel varnish

It is no secret that you can cover the nails with varnish in the usual home conditions. This does not need special skills or expensive equipment. Of course, you need to know the technique of applying gel polish, which differs from work with familiar nail polishes. And also buy the necessary materials for covering nails gel varnish. Once having spent on these special tools, you can secure a full -fledged salon manicure without leaving home.

So what is needed to cover nails with gel polish:

liquid with a low-fat pH form (drainage, ultrabond, rehytr);

Basic colorless gel (Basegel) or, in a different way, an effectively primer;

color gel polishes of any shades;

protective finish -gel (another name of the product – top);

alcohol -based liquid, designed to relieve the dispersion (sticky) layer.

Cleaner and degreaser

It is needed in order to finally cleanse and degrease the nail, thereby preparing it for applying a colored varnish coating. After all, any pollution, even invisible to the eye, the remains of soap and detergents can lead to the fact that the most durable color coating will not stay on the surface of the nail. If you save at this stage, then the gel varnish can break away in a few days. Different manufacturers offer funds with different titles: ultrabond, drainage, reintering, etc.

Basegel or foundation

Basic gel – it is also an invocated primer, improves the hitch of a colored gel with a nail plate. It forms a special layer that interacts with materials on a molecular basis. The basic transparent gel promotes prolonged wearing a color coating. This is one of the most important materials for covering nails gel varnish. Therefore, you should not save, it is better to buy a product more expensive. And if the nails are weak or thin, then the basic gel can additionally protect them from aggressive components.

Color coating

To cover the nails gel varnish, you need colored gels. The stores present a large selection of various funds from any companies. It is better to buy cosmetics of trusted manufacturers – Kodi, OPI, YRA, NAOMI, SheLLAC and others. They are applied with a thin layer and dry well in UV lamp. Buying too cheap gel varnishes, you can get to the fake. be careful! Low -quality gel varnishes can be poorly polymerized. And the coating will not be so beautiful (stains may appear on it).

Finish or top

Topgel or Topcoat is transparent and thick enough in consistency. It provides protection of color coating from external influences. Thanks to him, the gel varnish remains brilliant and glossy. Some manufacturers offer 2-in-1 products-base and finish in one bottle. Such a combined tool will help to save a little. This is exactly what you need to cover nails with varnish gel at home. Attention: When applying the finish, you need to carefully smear the end of the nail, protecting the coating of relaxation.

Cleancer to remove the dispersed layer

Cleancer is a liquid for removing the dispersed (sticky) alcohol -based layer. It makes the nail brilliant. Instead of a wedinser, many masters use conventional alcohol solutions that do a great job.

To cover nails with varnish, not so many materials are required. Only a few small bottles will help to provide nails with a persistent shiny coating that will last the promised 3 weeks.