What you need to know about maternity leave

Maternity leave is time for child care. According to the current legislation, in the Russian Federation the official framework of maternity leave has been determined from 30 weeks of pregnancy to reaching the age of three of the child.

Throughout this period, the woman has been paid payments. After childbirth, a woman is obliged to receive from the enterprise at which she worked before the maternity leave, a one -time pregnancy and childbirth allowance, maternity leaves for wages over the past two years, reimbursement for registration in the early stages (up to 12 weeks of pregnancy). From the first month of life, the baby has a monthly child allowance up to 3 years old for child care. It also depends on the woman’s salary, but should not be lower than the minimum amount of the manual.

During the decree, a woman can also use social programs and subsidies that the state offers. She can also go to work for a half -time, if there is a need for this.

On maternity leave, it is very important for a woman to be able to maintain calm and endurance. All women react differently to this new life time for them. Someone gets in harmony with himself and his child, someone does not withstand such a rhythm and breaks psychologically. All stresses and breakdowns affect the baby, on the quality of lactation of the mother, on her perception of real reality. It is important that a woman during this period is supported by relatives and friends. If she asks for help, you need to help her. After all, very often, according to statistics, women seek psychological help, being on maternity leave.

A woman feels a great degree of responsibility – this is perhaps the main component of maternity leave. The life and health of the child is in her hands, education and development – its merit.

In any case, you need to think about it is not for nothing that this time was called a vacation. The decree should not be a heavy burden for a woman, this should be a time of relaxation with the baby, harmonious combination of new duties of a woman-mother and endless joy from communicating with her child.