What you need to know about men’s shirts

It is no secret that young people are somewhat afraid to put on shirts, giving preference to T -shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts.

They argue their choice by the fact that they do not need to be ironed and fastened with buttons, and in general they, in their opinion, are much more convenient. All this is so, but it is the shirt that can emphasize your style, make more solid and courageous. Some styles are not necessary to wear only with a business suit, take a closer look at the models of the Gloria Jeans brand, they will be quite appropriate and with jeans.

You should know that there are two types of male shirts: classic and sports. The former is sewn from a softer fabric and have a tougher collar, sometimes hard plates are even sewn into it so that it holds it better. The color palette of classic shirts is more conservative, as if they were instilled, neither white or blue. The drawing is also allowed, but an inconspicuous or thin strip. Its bottom is more curved, and the pockets are either completely absent, or there are only one, but a small. By the way, nothing needs to be worn in it, these are the rules of style.

Sports shirts are different, some designer “liberties” are quite acceptable here. They are sewn from denser fabrics, it can be denim, cotton, linen or flannel, can be of different colors and colors. Currently, the trend is a large cage or strip, and male jeans shirts are completely considered “eternal classics”, it is such models that form the collection of the Gloria Jeans brand collection. They can have pockets and epaulettes, buttons or buttons.

When purchasing a shirt, pay attention to the length of the sleeve, it should reach the fold of the thumb and completely cover the wrist. Do not forget about the collar, in the fastened position between the gate and neck, a finger should be freely placed, but two are better, since the thing can give a shrinkage after the first washing. Trying on the shirt, carefully look at where her shoulder seams are located, they should definitely coincide with the place where your shoulders end, no higher, nor lower. These are the rules, and the shirt will sit better.

The ideal length of the classic male shirt is much lower than the level of the belt on trousers, because it should not be knocked out of them, but sports can be shorter, because they are not always seasoned. Remember, the shirt should fasten freely, without tightening the figure, but without “bubbling” on the sides. Source: