What you need to know when buying a washing machine?

Before buying a washing machine – a machine gun, many contact the service center to find out from the master, with cars which brand most often happens breakdowns. This will allow you to narrow the circle of choice.

You can pay attention to the online store of washing machines combustion, where a specialist, even online, will help you choose a suitable model. Moreover, this online store presents a wide selection of washing machines and at the same time at affordable and affordable prices. By purchasing a washing machine in this online store, you can be sure of excellent service and high quality of the washing machines themselves.

The dimensions of the washing machine are completely dependent on the choice of the place of its location. If you have little space, you need to pay attention to small -sized models.

Having calculated the size, decide how many kilograms of linen do you need loading.

Baki in modern machines are made of stainless steel and polymeric materials. Polymer is not terrible corrosion and high temperatures.

Load load is frontal and vertical. With front loading during washing, it is impossible to open a door located in front. But with vertical loading, the door is located on top, which allows you to add laundry even during the washing process. Washing machines with vertical loading will come in handy in small bathrooms.

The control of washing machines is divided into mechanical, in which the owner himself sets all the washing parameters. And electronic, which, depending on the selected program, sets all the stages of washing automatically.

A machine with a drying function gives out absolutely dry underwear, and without it it needs to be posted to dry.

Pay attention to the turnover of the drum. The higher the speed, the better the performance of the washing machine. It’s good when the speed is not less than 1000 rpmers per minute.

If you want to save electricity, pay attention to the machine with class A or, at least,.

When you have the first place, you can immediately pay attention to the manufacturer’s company. The lowest price of LG, SamsUns, Indezit. Followed by Bosch, Electrolux, Kaiser, Zanussi. Well, the most expensive and high -quality, this is AEG, MIELE.

Using the advice provided, you can make the right choice and never experience problems with washing again. Therefore, if you still do not have a washing machine, be sure to go to the store and get this magnificent assistant.