What you need to know when going to rest in Costa Rick?

More and more people simply pull in exotic hot countries. This is justified by the desire to see new places and the desire to spend a vacation in the country with a stable climate that has outdoor activities.

Despite the fact that today, tours in Costa Rick provide a lot of travel agencies, there are moments that you need to know and about which it is worth reading in advance on the Internet.


If in your passport of a tourist, as a citizen of the Russian Federation, there are at least 3 months of the United States of America, Canadian or Schengen visas, then you can calmly enter the Rick Costa without arranging an additional visa and be in this country for no more than thirty days. In all other cases, you will need to worry about the design of the visa.


As for the import and export of foreign and national currencies, there are no restrictions here, but you still have to declare imported and exported means.

The customs of Costa Ricky is allowed without the duty to import four hundred cigarettes or fifty cigars and up to half a kilogram of tobacco, no more than three liters of strong alcohol, spirits, as well as clothes and shoes for personal use.

It is forbidden to import fruits, vegetables, plants, cuttings and seeds by customs of Costa Ricky. As well as seafood, psychotropic and narcotic substances, weapons, ammunition and pornographic publications.

If you need to put the necessary medicines through Costa Costa, then you will need to have a doctor’s appointment or a tourist medical card with you.

If we talk about what is prohibited to export, then the main points can be noted: archaeological values, antiques, rare animals and birds, their skins and scarecrow.

If you first are going to visit Rick Costa, try to find out as much as possible about the rules and laws that you need to follow. This will provide you with rest without problems and pleasure.