What you need to take with you to the hospital?

Many young mothers, going to the hospital, are not fully aware of all those rules that must always be remembered. Namely, it is necessary to understand what things can be useful, going to the hospital so that this or that situation is not a surprise.

Of course, Merries diapers for newborns are considered one of the main things that you need to take with you to the hospital. But this can be done as soon as the baby is born, your husband will help you for this.

It is also important to understand that a particular hospital can offer various services. So, entering the hospital, you must in advance this situation with your doctor. For example, some maternity warehouses themselves advise what to take, and some give out the entire sick leave.

So you must understand what kind of maternity hospital you are in. And if you are going to give birth at home, then this process, you will need to discuss with the midwife. By the way, as practice shows, today many women choose this particular option.

For the appearance of a child, a young mother must impose a part of direct duties on relatives. After all, this is also their blood, so let them feel close to the child from the first days of his life.

Those women who have already given birth are mandatory to take with them – a nightgown, it can be both night and warm, elongated, etc. D. It is necessary to take warm socks, but not woolen.

A woman after childbirth often wants to drink, so you need to take mineral water without gas. A terry towel, face napkins are also useful. Some maternity hospitals allow you to listen to music after childbirth, so you can use the player with the permission of the doctor. So everything will depend only on the recommendations that the doctor will tell you about.