Where and how wooden panels are used

Wooden panels are natural finishing material, despite the high price, it is of great interest and demand. Natural tree can create a special atmosphere and a healthy microclimate, the pattern of the tree and its shades are pleasant, so the room looks beautiful and comfortable. You can use it not only in the classical style, but also in the latest style solutions.

Wooden panels can be finished with different for the purpose of the room. The decoration of the Hall, the office of the director of a solid company, a cozy restaurant or even a living room will look beautiful. You can confidently say that wooden panels in the interior are better than finishing with plaster or wallpaper, you will not have to align the walls, they will last longer. The panels have the properties of thermal insulation and sound insulation. They usually finished the premises, adhering to the English style, but recently they began to use in the style of modern.

The ceiling is sheathed with wooden panels, multi -level structures are made, and in combination with other materials an unusual and unique interior is created.

The most high -quality products are made from the breed of wood of maple, oak and cedar. Such panels of a noble and solemn view. They are not recommended to finish rooms where increased humidity. For this purpose, the panels processed by wax are used, after which they acquire moisture resistance and they can be finished with the kitchen. Three -layer panels are cheaper for the price, they are made from the first layer at the price of the breed, and two layers of conifers, then apply varnish or wax. The most common and cheap MDF panels, they are made from waste, sawdust is mixed with adhesive composition.

Wooden panels need constant care. It is necessary to cover the panels with varnish to protect the surface or to give another shade of wood. You can use a special coating instead of acrylic varnish.

Wood trim has always had a lot of attention and will remain in fashion for a long time for a long time.