Where paraffin socks are used?

Paraffin socks are called therapeutic physiotherapy, which is prescribed to young children. A pediatrician or neuropathologist can prescribe it, if the child has certain problems, he has weak immunity, he is irritable, etc. D. Such a procedure can be performed both in the physiotherapist’s office and at home, if you invite a nurse owning this technique.

In order to make paraffin socks, you will need to use pieces of ordinary children’s diapers. First, each of the diapers is melted, and paraffin is evenly poured under the usual candle. When he grabs a little, he will cease to be hot, it can be used as intended.

Polyethylene bags are put on the legs of the baby or they are wrapped with cling film. Then the baby’s legs, up to the IRC, are wrapped with those pieces of diapers with a liquid warm paraffin themselves. Such a kind of compress allows you to cure many diseases and prevent their occurrence. Typically, the doctor prescribes a certain period of time during which this procedure will need to be repeated daily. This will get rid of many colds and neurological diseases, strengthen immunity. Socks must be kept until the paraffin completely cooled. It cools not so fast, t. To. In contact with the legs, he begins to exchange warmth with them and remains warm for a long time.

During the procedure, the child may begin to cry, but this happens rarely, usually if the paraffin cools down until the paraffin cooles. It is better that this procedure is not performed by the parents themselves, t. To. They can make certain errors, and a professional nurse from the physiotherapy cabinet. The course of treatment with the help of this technique is not so long, so the cost of the services of a nurse will not be very noticeable for the family budget.