Where to look for the causes of infertility in women?

The diagnosis of infertility to a woman is exhibited if after 15 months of regular sexual relations and without all types of protection, a woman cannot occur in a pregnancy.

At the same time, both a man and a woman can be barren. According to statistics, about every eighth family is barren.

Doctors are customary to distinguish the following causes of female infertility:

Inflammatory diseases. Typically, women pay little attention to inflammatory diseases, for example, when she has inflammation of the ovaries . And in vain, since it is they who often cause the formation of adhesions, because of which a woman will not be able to give birth. Therefore, doctors say that not treated or neglected diseases is the first step of a woman to infertility.

Another reason is abortion. Every woman knows that one unsuccessfully made abortion can lead to very sad consequences, as a result of which a woman can not only remain barren¸ but even die.

Congenital developmental abnormalities can also cause infertility. This can be, for example, an underdeveloped uterus in which a child simply cannot develop normally.

Benign or malignant tumors can lead to infertility. Unfortunately, doctors state the fact that recently the tumors have been “younger”, that is, they are diagnosed in young women and girls. In addition, do not forget that benign neoplasms can develop into malignant tumors. That is why any girl should visit the gynecologist about once every 6 months.

Hormonal malfunctions in the body can also become the very reason why the girl cannot become a mother. This can be, for example, diseases of the pancreas or thyroid gland or pituitary gland. Obesity or, conversely, insufficient body weight can also lead to infertility.

Such a problem as obstruction is most often both uterine pipes can lead to infertility. The cause of inflammation of the fallopian tubes may be tumors or adhesions formed after inflammatory processes in them.

A huge role is played by the age of the woman herself. After all, almost everyone knows that the older the woman herself, the more she has different chronic diseases and the less she has a chance to get pregnant. In addition, with age, the level of hormones in the body of a woman decreases.

Thus, the reasons why a woman cannot get pregnant is a lot. And to figure out what the reason needs to undergo all the necessary examination and take tests.