Whether the cat is useful to dry food?

Many owners of different breeds of cats think about whether dry food is useful to cats? Is it possible to feed the pet only with dry food? And what else needs to be added to the diet?

More and more veterinarians begin to recommend to include dry food for cats in the diet of homemade pussies, because they have several advantages over ordinary food. Dry feeds are much cheaper and stored longer, unlike canned.

Dry food is able to provide a cat with healthy and full -fledged nutrition, which is rich in vitamins and beneficial substances (proteins, carbohydrates, fats). Cats feeding on dry food do not need complementary foods, because dry food is able to provide them with all substances for a healthy and active life.

Sometimes, the owners try to please the pet with goodies, but, to a greater extent, this is the whim of the owners, because homemade food is not balanced. Thus, you can only harm your pet. And even if he loves your rich borsch very much, this does not mean that he will benefit him.

Do not forget also about the negative aspects of such feeding. Dry feed is digested worse and contain only dry components. Can cause glucose levels.

To compile a balanced diet, dry food must meet several requirements:

– The feed should have the optimal number of minerals, and not exceed the norm.

– It is not advisable to use different brands of dry feed-opt for any one.

– Dry food should contain a large number of vegetables, fruits and phytocomponents.

Compliance with these simple rules will allow you to create a healthy diet for a cat, and the pet will delight you with his health and energy.

You can choose and buy dry food for cats both in the pet store and in a number of online stores that can even arrange delivery for you.