Wise advice to friends to friends

Every woman by definition of wise. Moreover, this rule works exactly until a woman has to make some kind of decision related to herself. Everyone knows that giving advice to yourself is the most difficult activity that is not always possible with fragile and delicate women. That is why a woman always needs a friend who would see the situation from the outside and was able to give her good and wise advice. What wise tips can be given to a friend?

First you should decide: what is the root of the problem and for what reason depression is planned. If the problem is simply in the absence of mood, causeless apathy or the approaching PMS, then the best advice, of course, will be advice on how to be distracted. To do this, you can recommend visiting a beauty salon on Bratislavskaya here you can find out more details why this salon is considered the best. You can go to make beauty together. Employees of the beauty salon on Bratislavskaya will be able to not only cheer up your girlfriend, but also make you happier.

If we are talking about something serious, then try to pacify your curiosity and all-knowing guesses. Reason soberly, whether you or your friend are able to independently solve the current problem. If not, then the wise advice will be advice to contact a specialist. Such a specialist will burn a psychologist analyst who will help to find the way to solve the problem or help to resolve the seemingly insoluble situation.

That’s exactly what you should not do and advise is to offer a girlfriend to go to drink martini or champagne on a glass. Alcohol will only give up feelings and instincts, which at such moments simply need to be kept in sobriety. In the drunk state, a girlfriend can say or do such a shame, in the worst case, she will do irreparable mistakes, for which she will clearly not be grateful to you as her best friend.