Women’s wardrobe T -shirts

T -shirt is one of the easiest things in the wardrobe. Once it was part of the underwear, but from about the 1950s, T -shirts became an absolutely independent piece of clothing.

We often put them on any time of the year. There is a huge variety of these products on sale. In 2015, funny T -shirts with various funny inscriptions, registered T -shirts for pregnant women, polo, elegant t -shirts with decor elements are becoming increasingly popular.

It is also worth paying attention to the fabric from which the product is produced. It can be: light knitwear (clean or mixed), polyester, viscose, viscose with elastan. It all depends on your preference. After all, the different composition of the fabric “breathes” differently, holds shape and tightens the figure.

T -shirt can be complemented by pockets and buttons. Sleeves can be short, medium and long. V – the figurative gate will emphasize the length of your neck, and a bright thing with a round neckline will make you a summer bright. And when, no matter how in the spring and summer you can jam in the clothes of the colors of the rainbow.

Such a style as Polo used to be positioned as an exclusively sports style, but now it is quite acceptable to wear this type of clothing in various daily situations.

Well, and of course we do not forget about the Acssesuars. They will perfectly complement your style and emphasize your personality. It can be hours or bracelets selected in the color scheme of T -shirts. Shoes and bag can also be combined with your T -shirt, but this is not necessarily. Pay attention to T -shirts of famous designers. The riot of colors on the catwalk shows us that you can play with your imagination as you like.

Remember, only you create your image. You are individual. And do not blindly follow the steps of fashion trends. Be sure to try on a thing, love it. And let your T -shirts give you self -confidence and a great mood.