For what reason they go to a restaurant

Over the past twenty years, dramatic changes have occurred in the catering system. A giant number of coffee houses, confectionery, cafes, taverns, snack and restaurants appeared. Professional cooks, amiable waiters, beautiful interiors and, most importantly, delicious dishes will turn a visit to a restaurant into a small gastronomic holiday.

In a large modern city, restaurants bring to your attention almost any cuisine of the world: from exotic oriental to classical European. The reason for going to a restaurant on Bolshaya Semenovskaya, in particular, such as Arabica’s lounge cafe, can be any traditional, personal or children’s holiday. And not only the holiday – family sorties on the weekend, diversify your “table”, will allow you to try and evaluate the kitchens of various nationalities, listen to pleasant living music and just chat in a cozy place. Often in restaurants, commemoration is also cope with; arrange corporate parties, children’s matinees and carnivals.

Holidays celebrated in a restaurant save women from the need to stand at the stove for hours and burst between guests and kitchen. In addition, such large events as a wedding or anniversary are unthinkable even in the largest apartment. Restaurant service, a variety of menu and the size of the room will allow you to invite the number of guests that you wish.

Some establishments offer an original show program. In others, players with animators are thought out. Children will be observed, involved in games and contests – and you can enjoy food. For a children’s birthday, you can order a special design with balls and a children’s show. The presence of a children’s menu in many public catering establishments is a huge plus, the child will be fed with dietary, not harmful to the stomach – dishes.

There are so -called thematic restaurants and so -called. The fantasy of the organizers of such places will amaze any visitor! Restaurants where you can play with dogs or cats; restaurants with service personnel – robots; cafe – plane, with stewardesses – waitresses; militaristic restaurants; Restaurants without lighting. In a word – there is something to be surprised!

Visiting the restaurant requires a certain preparation. The higher the level of catering, the stricter the requirements for clothing and the general appearance of visitors will be.