How to choose and install interior doors

In any interior, much attention is paid to interior doors. They are intended mainly to separate the space of the house into separate zones, but if we talk about the stylistic solution, then such doors can play a significant role here.

What should be the doors

Interior doors can have various operational characteristics, and they should be of high quality. In addition, there should be a certain harmony in color with the furniture of the room.

If you decide to buy such doors, then this step will be responsible. Doors are usually bought for 15 years. That is why you need to think carefully before starting the search for the products you need.

Today you can find doors made of different material. For example, there are options from PVC or laminated.

Laminated doors

When buying such products, you can find some advantages.

You can, of course, buy laminated doors, they are inexpensive, and this is their great advantage.

In addition, the doors of this type are quite light. They do not give large loads on the loops. Such a door can be open for a long time. What cannot be said about massive doors, they must be kept in a closed state.

If the weight is small. So, such a door cannot injure the fingers if they accidentally hit between the door leaf and the box. This is especially true when children are in the house. But such doors also have their own shortcomings, for example, they can quickly bend them, they cannot be washed using abrasive powders.

PVC doors

If we talk about the doors of their PVC, then they are much stronger and they can be washed using any means. The door is very difficult to scratch, except for this, they look beautiful. The price of such a door is higher than laminated.

If you bought an interior door, then you need to install it correctly. If someone has already set the doors in your family and has extensive experience, then you can do it yourself. But if the master is not best for you to call a specialist at home, who can already professionally install the door.

If you try to do this yourself, it may turn out that the door will have to be thrown away at all, since when installing a loop, you can break through the place much larger than the thickness of the doors by the doors. In this case, the door will come, but unusable and you will have to not only buy a new door, but also pay for its delivery home. Expenses here can double.