How to choose furniture in the living room

The living room is the first place where the guests get to our house. A place where friendly gatherings are held, meetings with relatives and just pleasant communication. Therefore, the interior of the living room, can tell a lot about its owner. Beckon with comfort and home warmth or on the contrary – repel.

How to determine the furniture for the living room in the apartment

The atmosphere created by correctly selected furniture is able to transform any, even the smallest home corner, and cause a desire to return there. And the issue of its arrangement is certainly not worth solving in a hurry. First you need:

Draw a room plan. Determine what and where will be located.

Decide on the designer style of the room.

Calculate the approximate cost of the estimated purchases.

Divide the living room into areas for eating, games, sleep and rest. In this case, it is necessary to choose furniture for each of the zones, that furniture that will perform the corresponding functions and harmoniously fit into the overall style of color and design. In the modern living room, there must certainly be a stylish coffee table, book shelves, a TV table and a DVD – a player. At the moment, the online store offers many options for cabinet and modular furniture, which with your imagination will refresh and decorate your living room.

How to equip a living room in a country house

To arrange a living room in a country house, there are more opportunities, in particular due to a larger space. A soft corner in the middle of the room, a plasma TV hanging on the wall, a coffee table with a couple of interesting magazines and the installed fireplace will give harmony to your house. But if desired, for connoisseurs of space, this list can be reduced. Here you can take a chance with a combination of several styles, such as high text and minimalism. Modern and nothing more.

And of course – choosing furniture for arranging your living room, do not go to your neighbors or fashion magazines. This can completely confuse and, in addition to unexpected disappointment, can also cause damage to the family budget. Now many brands are effectively advancing in the production of modern high -quality and non -expensive furniture. Brands from China and Belarus are more promoted and not as dear as the branded furniture of Spanish or Italian production, similar quality.