How to choose sunglasses?

If for an adult, sunglasses – this is the most part we advise a fashion accessory, then for most children is a necessity.

If you want to preserve the health of your child’s eyes, then for the summer period, be sure to buy him children’s sunglasses, because ultraviolet rays very poorly affect the eye shell. Since children are quite a lot in the fresh air, including on sunny days, it is very important to protect them not only with a hat, but also with sunscreen glasses. This is doubly relevant during the beach season.

If the sunglasses are selected correctly, then the probability of passing ultraviolet rays will be approximately 3 % . It is best to purchase such products in specialized stores. Carefully relate to what material the lenses are made of. It can be ordinary glass or acrylic plastic. For adults, of course, glass is the best options. But children lead a very mobile, active lifestyle. When falling, they can break glass and damage their eyes.

Consult with the sales consultant or ask for advice from your optometrist about the acquisition of the first sunglasses for your baby. If the child’s eyes are supersensitive to light, then there is an opportunity to buy anti -reflective glasses or other specialized glasses.

Not all colors of sunscreen lenses are useful for the eyes. So, for example, the blue color only enhances the brightness of ultraviolet radiation. If your child has any eye diseases, then buying mirror glasses is not the best idea.

“Halls” glasses – a very important detail. They should not squeeze the baby’s head. Therefore, choose a suitable size.

Of course, do not forget to take into account the opinion of the child himself, at least in the design. After all, he should wear them.