How to choose the right face cream?

This is a rather serious problem for women and girls, and is always relevant, since having chosen one, with age you already need to select another cream. When choosing a face cream, you need a skin type, age, and the effect that you want to achieve. Quite often, a situation occurs when after the use of the newly purchased cream, irritation or small pimples appear, previously which was not observed. Do not think that this is normal, and wait until they pass, do not spare and throw it away, you need to choose another cream. A cream that is perfect for your skin will never cause irritation and changes for the worse. Maybe not immediately, but you can choose the cream from which your skin will become delicate, beautiful and smooth.

If your type of skin is far from normal, seek help from a specialist – a cosmetologist -dermatologist or view the Oriflame Catalog – it will help to avoid many face care errors. An allergic reaction on the skin is always easy to determine, it can be of two types to cosmetics: immediate and slow. If redness arose immediately – this is immediate, slowed down within a day from the moment of application. In case of allergies, it is best to contact a dermatologist.

In addition to redness, allergies can manifest in the form of edema, blisters, urticaria and accompanied by itching. Now let’s move on to specific effects that you would like to achieve. To rejuvenate the skin, you must always keep your face clean, choose a moisturizer and nutritious cream, you need to use it in the morning and evening. It is not necessary to regret money for high -quality cosmetics, and not be lazy to check the expiration dates and composition, cheap cosmetics, or bought on sale, as well as the use of cosmetics containing in the composition, which you already have an allergy, can cause serious damage not only your beauty, but also health. Take care of yourself and you will always look young, beautiful and impeccable.