How to congratulate twins on your birthday

Congratulations for twins are doubly difficult task, because it is necessary to congratulate two babies at the same time so that they are both happy and they like everything.

First, think about how you will congratulate them, what will you say and what you will give. It is worth remembering that the gifts should be equivalent, because the most important thing is that the kids get true pleasure from your congratulations and gifts, and do not look at each other with resentment, that someone has better gifts. Therefore, talk in advance with children and with their mother, find out the desires of wonderful twins, then definitely choose what you need.


How to congratulate twins on your birthday, give the twins a gaming set for a birthday, something like a lotto, so that they can spend time together. At the same time, this gift will be universal, and none of the children will say that someone’s gift is better or more interesting, on the contrary, such a gift will rally even more and will help them become even more friendly.

How to congratulate twins on your birthday to congratulate twins on your birthday, you can buy each of them on an angel or a soft toy, which should always be paired, for example, a chip and Dale. After that, wish the kids that she always, like these toys were together, with one team, and nothing could be separated by them.

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