How to raise children in a family

No one questions the importance of raising a person in the family. On the care and love of parents, their relationship depends on how a person will grow, how he will, in turn, take care of his children and parents. The modern rhythm of life and the economic conditions in which we live forcing many parents to give a lot of time to work to the detriment of attention to children.

Amateur mugs

Everyone wants to see their children talented, smart, capable of creative activity.

But all sections and fashion mugs will not replace parental attention to the mental world of the child. You can not shift family education to the shoulders of all kinds of experts-educators or leaders of circles. Even in difficult and hungry warships, often only one mother managed to educate responsive and good children, who became a support for her in further life. And the secret here is simply in love, which is not measured by the amount of special time for education.

The child should feel parental love, regardless of sports success or assessments in the diary. And for a small child, evidence of parental love needs: gentle affectionate words, hugs, attention to his games and joint activity.

If you do not put the soul into the upbringing of children, then it is impossible to achieve good results. You can not spoil love, it cannot be too much. But this does not mean that it is necessary to fulfill all the whims and whims of children, but to be guided by the principle of rationality. If material values ​​are dominated by spiritual ones, then we can talk about the problems of family education.

Relations within the family

In the family, the child receives the first ideas about the world around him, and moral concepts, and learns to communicate with other people. In large families, this process is faster and better, since the example of both behavior and the separation of responsibilities are important. Egoists here grow less often than in families where all attention is focused on one child.

An example of the relationship of all family members based on respect and love is important. No correct words about honesty and kindness will replace specific actions of adults, and insincerity will be noticed by a small person. Future success in life, the foundations of relations with people and the fate of a person are laid in the family. Family education cannot be replaced by the best orphanage, of course, if it is not a danger to the life of children.