How to run for weight loss correctly

To answer the question of how to lose weight, you should understand where the extra pounds come from on our body. Our body is a complex system that has been created and debugged for millennia. In the natural conditions of the struggle for existence, the one who was faster, who possessed dexterity and could endure great physical activity.

The advantages of running

They say that now the rhythm of life has accelerated, but see what this means for the human body. Progress and comfort have led to the fact that the human body has no urgent need to make the number of movements on which it was tuned in the whole history of its development. At the same time, receiving energy with food remains at the same level, and the extra calories entering the body are postponed “in reserve” in those places of the body where we do not want to have any savings at all. As a result, the figure deteriorates.

Reducing the amount of energy received from food – the diet, of course, partially helps to improve the figure, but leads to a weakening of a rather weak organism. It is much better to increase the number of daily movements. A good option for many would be the inclusion of daily running in your daily routine

During running in our body, all processes occur much more intensively. The stored calories are consumed, the circulatory system is actively saturated with oxygen, the body muscles perform work for which they are originally intended. The general health of health improves.

Running, as a means for losing weight, gives good results and this is not the discovery of today, but a long -known fact.

The number of loads

Of course, you should not sharply change your lifestyle and immediately switch to heavy loads. You need to start gradually, giving the body the possibility of adaptation to changed conditions. Small runs for 10-20 minutes The most suitable option in the initial period.

It is also important and the place of runs. Since a large amount of air is passed through the lungs during the running through the lungs, pay attention to the purity of it and the lack of gasness in the selected place.

Running to get rid of excess weight is useful, both in the morning and in the evening. Find the opportunity to include jogging in your daily routine, and already in the first month you will leave a few extra pounds from the total weight.