How to understand that a man is cheating

As a rule, a year later, after the start of the relationship, feelings begin to cool and dull. How to understand that a man is cheating on you?

The main signs of betrayal

First: he spends more time on appearance. The man washes daily, or even twice a day, spin at the mirror before leaving, buys new things, began to follow his figure.

Secondly: changing your attitude to a partner. If he was a jealous, now he is not interested in why you stayed and who called so late. If earlier he was delighted with your cooking and did not attach importance to the mess of the house, now it is all annoying him.

Thirdly: his work began to occupy much more time than it took earlier. There were business trips that were not or increased their number. The man has constantly in the evening of the meeting and important things.

Fourth: you will find out that at work your lover has a new girlfriend with whom he does not agree to introduce you to any, but he regularly takes her home from work.

Fifth: He does not want to take you with him to those parties and meetings with friends, where you went together before. Friends look away at your questions.

Sixth: If earlier his mobile was lying anywhere, now he is always with him. And if a message comes or someone calls the man leaves to communicate in the next room.

In the seventh: he fell off his ICQ, agent, forum. As soon as you approach him when he sits behind the monitor, the man immediately turns all the windows.

Think about if:

In the eighth: your sexual life has lost its brightness and has become quite rare, or even disappeared. Although it happens in a different way. The man began to actively have sex with you in those poses that you did not think about before.

V-nine: his expenses have increased. This is especially noticeable when the holidays come, and he cannot really answer your question about where the money has gone.

V-tens: When hotels and places of rest are discussed in the circle of friends, unexpectedly for you, it turns out to be an excellent connoisseur of these places.

In the eleventh: in a man’s car, an unfamiliar aroma is injected, sometimes you find long or not very hair there, and the passenger seat in front is not tuned as you are used to.