How to wean a child to wake up at night

Any young mother can get tired of frequent night feeding. And often she wonders: “How to wean a child to wake up at night?”

Despite the age at what age my mother decided to wean a child to wake up at night, her advice will come in handy how to do it quickly and without tears.

Excommunication from night feeding

How to excommunicate a child from night feeding?

There are a number of recommendations on how to make so that the child does not wake up at night to eat.

Here are some of them:

So that the child sleeps sweetly at night and does not bother young parents with night feeding, you need to increase the frequency and number of day feeding. It must be dense and nutritious feeding before bedtime.

Feeding a child is not only a way of eating, but also a way to communicate with your beloved mother. Children wake up at night from the lack of maternal attention during the day. If you want to wean a child to wake up at night, you need to give him maximum attention, love and care during the day.

If your child is already a year old, you can put him to sleep in a separate room. The child will switch attention to the new environment and will forget about night feeding easier.

After a year, the child already understands a lot, so he can explain to him that there is little milk at night and there will be only morning.

How much you need to wait?

Of course, every child is a personality and there is no universal time that is suitable for everyone to wean a child to wake up at night, but in the life of every young family we come when the baby no longer asks to eat at night. Usually, young mothers help babies accelerate this process. On the issue of canceling night feeding, children’s doctors – pediatricians advise creating soft and calm conditions for the child. The child should not worry due to the abolition of night feeding, so it is optimal to start fulfilling our tips no earlier than 5-6 months. Most likely, the first couple of nights will be difficult for both the child and young parents, but as practice shows, for two weeks everything should normalize.

If the child asks anyway

If the child is everything – equally asks the chest all night – this speaks of the dissatisfaction of his emotional needs and a lack of attention. In this case, mom needs to communicate more with the child during the day, to give great importance to bodily contact, to pick up more often, play and talk with the baby.

Author: Ekaterina Sveshnikova