If you decide to make an offer yourself

In vain it is believed that making a marriage proposal – this is an exclusively privilege of men. There are a lot of examples of how women themselves took the first step and, according to statistics, such marriages turned out to be much stronger than marriages with traditional offers from men. At the same time, polls showed that most women themselves are ready to make an offer, but do not know how to do it right.

In fact, everything is quite simple and the scheme is the same. Only instead of a traditional ring you can buy a chain of gold in order to fasten this offer. Today you can buy gold jewelry for men both in Moscow and in other cities, so you just have to choose your favorite decoration and purchase it.

After that, it is necessary to prepare the place of proposal. On the advice of psychologists, you should not do it in a crowded place. Experts claim that this can infringe on male dignity. And, if you still decide to make an offer, do it at home. Prepare as you would like to make an offer to you. It can be a romantic evening with or without candlelights, with prepared personally or ordered food. The main thing is to create an easy, relaxed and romantic atmosphere.

This evening you must relax the man to the maximum. Make sure that no problem is tormented by him. Otherwise, you will have to refuse to recognize with proposals. The rest can be done at your discretion. Of course, you should not get on your knees, but you have to say beautiful words. It can be both poems and prose. If there is no way to come up with yourself, you can find something suitable on the Internet.

The main thing is to make a man’s mood as much as possible to the upcoming recognition. And after the proposal itself, it will be possible to continue the evening in a restaurant or club.