Is there a shelf life of diapers?

There is an expiration date for everything – for milk, for hair dye, for any product, but did you think about the expiration date for such an important subject in children’s life as diapers.

Now the diapers have become an integral part of the baby’s life – it is convenient to use them both on a walk and when going with the baby to visit or on an examination for a doctor. The child’s skin is very sensitive to stimuli, so many mothers worry about whether the child’s “overdue” diaper will harm the health of the child. Let’s figure it out.

It is logical to assume that if the manufacturer indicates the date of manufacture on the package (and you do not need to confuse the date of manufacture of the product and the certification date, the date of manufacture is indicated in the first stamp), then it follows from this information that the manufacturer is responsible for the functionality of the product, only within the specified period.

The expiration date of the diapers is 3 years, on some diapers you can find the inscription: “The shelf life is not limited”, this is also possible for eco-scammers and reusable diapers, which are made only from natural material. For example, the diapers of the Gun fully meet this criterion. Today, you can buy diapers of the Gun Moscow, you can in an online store at affordable and democratic prices.

Of course, nothing terrible will happen if you have to put on a “expired” diaper, just before putting it on the baby – check the upper layer, it should be uniform, without lumps. The diaper can deteriorate due to a special substance that ensures moisture absorption.

And yet, even a diaper with an unexpected shelf life may not be suitable for use in connection with improper storage – diapers need to be stored in a cellophane bag, in a dark and dry place, it is especially important if you buy several packages at once!

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