Luxurious pearl beads in Moscow

Today, pearl jewelry has not lost relevance at all. They are able to emphasize the individuality of their owner.

Despite the fact that the modern market offers a huge number of different jewelry, the best choice is to buy natural pearls in Moscow. Such a decision will never disappoint a happy customer!

What criteria are guided by choosing pearl jewelry?

Experts advise following a number of rules:

First of all, you need to turn to the height of the neck. Those fashionistas, in whom she is graceful, like the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, do not need to wear long threads. This can only emphasize the height of the neck. Real experts will offer a rich assortment of suitable products. It is better to choose a jewel of small or minimum length;

If the fair sex has a short neck, she can safely try on a classic necklace, the effect will be amazing. This product looks original, unusual, attractive. When the necklace falls 5 cm below the collarbone, it lengthens the neck visually;

If the neck is wide, short jewelry with jewelry with large pearls will be inappropriate.

Professional jewelers, who are unsurpassed masters of their craft, are ready to share valuable advice. The older the woman, the larger the size of the pearls. If the young, pretty beauty is perfect for a thin thread, a lady of solid age needs massive pearl beads.

How to correctly select “pearl placers”?

Young young ladies or middle -aged ladies will suit a necklace with a diameter of each pea of ​​6.5 -7 mm. Those who adhere to the adoption of universal decisions should be given preference to a larger precious stone (7 – 7.5 mm). This option is considered classic. A necklace from a single thread of such peas is suitable for everyday wearing. It is desirable that the length does not exceed 42 cm. The pearl necklace, which is considered the most popular, should be worn by special occasions. The diameter of precious peas ranges (8 – 8.5 mm).

Status decoration is the products where the pearl size reaches 9-9.5 mm. Such a product looks almost always advantageous. It will excellently complement the business suit, causing the delighted glances of colleagues. If you are a loyal fan of a relaxed style, pearls to the created image will add elegance and sophistication. He will become your unique highlight.