Needlework work or hobby?

Hend Made is more than more than a year, which is why more and more women decide to decorate themselves and their home with something made with their own hands. Can such a hobby become work or still?

Thanks to the Internet, today you can even be in Moscow, easily find a job in Nerekhta or post photos of your work here with indicative prices. If your work is done carefully, adequate prices are set with the soul and their hobbies may well become a job. At the same time, you can create for yourself and with benefit.

That is in demand?

Firstly, these are thematic gifts, that is, those things that can be timed to some kind of holiday. Here you can highlight such holidays as the New Year, Valentine’s Day, Helouin, Christmas and Easter. For these holidays, small souvenirs are considered relevant, which can be presented to employees and acquaintances. By March 8, you can prepare more expensive gifts. It can be all kinds of jewelry or women’s accessories.

What technique to work in?

The work made of polymer clay, decoupage technique, quilling, felted toys, paintings from salty dough, embroidered with threads and beads, knitted things and much more are in demand. Some women try to come up with some kind of their technique, improve the existing or create a symbiosis of several. From this, ready -made things are even more unique, and therefore valuable.

How much can handmade souvenirs cost?

First of all, the cost should not be lower than the cost, that is, the costs of the necessary materials. And then, depending on the complexity of the work performed and the time spent, add another amount to this figure.

Engage in needlework with pleasure and know the price of your work. Remember that when creating beautiful things, you yourself become more beautiful, which means even happier.