Popular cosmetic procedures

Every woman tries to look very good, but sometimes to maintain beauty should resort to the help of a professional.

Having entered the salon, I want to choose exactly the procedure that can help improve the appearance so that you do not have to visit such institutions every day. You can choose the list of the most popular cosmetic procedures that you need. What procedures are most in demand?


It is best to resort to this procedure in the summer, it is then that the skin is most subject to stress. This happens due to the effects of ultraviolet rays that the sun radiates. The result is dehydration of the skin, the appearance of dryness, the loss of elasticity. So that the cosmetologist is faced with the result of which should be the creation of a hydraulic reserve to enrich skin cells with all the life -giving water forces.

Biorevitalization will make up for the water deficiency. Using the injection, the drug is introduced into damaged areas, which is the basis of which is hyloranic acid. It is in all living organisms. The main function performed by acid is the connection in the skin cells of water molecules.

With the help of biorevitalization, there is an imitation of all life processes taking place with the skin.

Face cleaning

No less effective cosmetic procedure is hardware facial cleaning. Dirt and dust falls into the expanded pores of the skin. And, unfortunately, how do not take care of the skin at home, it will not be possible to solve this problem. Therefore, you should resort to such a procedure at least once every three months, for an effective solution to the problem of pore pollution.

Using hardware cleaning, stimulation of vital processes in skin cells is launched and thus tissue regeneration is launched.


In third place is the age cosmetological procedure, this is the thermolift. With the help of this procedure, exposure to fabric through cosmetic equipment using high -frequency currents. Using this type of cosmetic procedures, the skin is pulled up and becomes more smooth.


No less popular procedure is Botox. All this happens by means of botulinum toxins a. After the procedure, wrinkles are smoothed out. It is quite effective and safe.

Mesotherapy is anti -cellulite

Anti -cellulite mesotherapy helps to get rid of stagnant phenomena in skin cells, from fluid detention and low elasticity. At the same time, no harm to the body is done, but rather has a favorable effect.

Of course, the result will not be noticeable instantly, so you should carry out a whole course and not let everything in it.