Proper leather bag

The leather handbag will serve as an excellent addition to any women’s wardrobe. Despite the fact that today there are many completely new materials that go to the manufacture of female handbags, the skin, nevertheless, occupies a leading position.

Leather products belong to expensive acquisitions, so leather bags require regular care. Only in this case, they will look as worthy as on the day of acquisition. No less due attention should be paid to the storage of leather products. Observing several simple care rules, you can easily maintain a beautiful appearance of the product for many years.

The first thing to pay attention to is the proper storage of an accessory. The structure of the skin consists of many pores in which dirt, dust contained in the air easily clogs. If the handbag is used only for solemn occasions, when visiting the theater or social event, then it should be stored in a closed box, having previously filled with fabric or paper. Filling will help maintain the shape of the handbag during long -term storage. If paper is used for these purposes, then it should not contain dyes that can stain the lining. You can not store female leather clutches in plastic bags. Polyethylene does not pass air, so the greenhouse effect that will be created inside the package will contribute to the appearance of bacteria and mold, which have a pernicious effect even on high -quality skin. Store a handbag is required away from moisture, dirt and dust. Avoid to hang it on a hanger, a stool’s back or door handle. While in a hanging position and without support, the skin will gradually begin to stretch, which will ultimately lead to loss of form.

Remembering how much an expensive accessory cost you, there is no doubt that it will not be left without constant supervision. But do not forget that you can not put a leather handbag on a dining table or wet floor. The skin is not afraid of water, but ugly spots from contact with a dirty wet surface on it will necessarily remain. Carefully follow the fact that you are going to put in a purse. If it is a small sandwich or other food, then you must first put everything in a small container. Pencils, pens, any sharp objects, individual objects for makeup and skin care to avoid damage to the product, it is best to store in a cosmetic bag.