Rules for creating everyday makeup

Looking at the magazines of photographs of stars, you probably want to look the same as these brilliant women. But do not forget that for parties and presentations they make festive makeup, and in ordinary life they prefer everyday, less bright.

The use of bright colors for makeup in ordinary life is rather a bad tone than a fashionable trend. Therefore, it is worth learning the basic principles of everyday makeup to look good even with a minimum of cosmetics.

Such makeup is designed to hide all skin imperfections that are especially clearly visible in daylight. It should be neat, unobtrusive and look as natural as possible.

The first rule is to try to limit the use of foundation. In sunlight, they look on the face like Max, and they do not decorate a woman. And in order for the skin to be less noticeable, it is necessary to constantly care for your skin. It is necessary to pay enough attention to its purification, moisturizing and tonic.

Creation of everyday makeup begins with a disguise of skin imperfections. If you have such a problem as dark circles under the eyes, then first of all you need to apply a concealer. Then a foundation base or cream with a slight tinting effect is applied, which will be less noticeable. The tone is fixed using matte powder. Blush on the cheekbones is applied with a thin, almost transparent layer. The choice of color depends on the skin tone.

The next stage is eye makeup. The expressiveness of the look and the overall impression of makeup largely depends on him. When choosing shadows, you need to give preference to natural shades. Mascara should also not be too bright, you can experiment with shades such as gray or brown. When choosing lipstick, you need to give preference to shades that are close to the natural color of the lips. All this will help to create a makeup in general, which will look great in the working environment or on the day picnic.