The correct approach to bleaching tooths

Today, people are more and more time, funds and effort are investing in a change in their appearance. This is achieved by improving natural external data. One of the attributes of beauty is considered a blinding whiteness smile.

But what if the color of tooth enamel is far from the standards of perfection? In such cases, it is worth resorting to one of the methods of bleaching tooth or wearing braces. To do this, you need to know what the teeth are whitening and how best to do it?

In the process of bleaching, the original color of the dental enamel lights up in several tones. This occurs during the application of gels or solutions containing oxidizing substances that are activated in different ways. Bleaching opportunities are unlimited. But first of all, it is worth visiting a good specialist in this area, who will carry out a thorough inspection and cleaning of the oral cavity, make a number of tests and select an individual program to achieve the best result.

You can perform the whitening procedure in several ways: to take a whitening course in the clinic, independently at home, or with the help of folk remedies. It is worth highlighting the most popular methods of teeth whitening, which are the safest and most effective.

Tooth whitening with a laser occurs in a dental office with the direct participation of a doctor and takes the smallest amount of time in the patient. Since the principle of action in all systems is almost the same – with the help of bleaching gels, the laser here acts as an activator and accelerator of the oxidation process.

Photography is the same safe and effective method, with the only difference being that a little longer is spent to carry out this procedure and the light of a special lamp is used instead of a laser ray.

The result obtained by these two methods is considered the most persistent and high -quality.

There is also a chemical method. It is suitable for people whose teeth are completely healthy and there are no damage and implants in the oral cavity. They can be used not only in the clinic, but also at home. There are several options for chemical whitening at home: wearing plastic KAPPs for casting the patient’s teeth with a whitening gel inside, whitening strips and numerous bleaching complexes that can be bought at any pharmacy.

In order not to harm your health and get the desired result, all procedures should be carried out under the guidance of an experienced dentist.