The number 13 and 13 days of the lunar calendar is there a connection?

There is a connection, but not a negative nature at all. The number 13 has an extremely contradictory interpretation. With regard to the lunar calendar, the number 13 plays a special role. This date is ideal in order to use the conclusions of the twelfth day and make changes in your inner world. Of course, we are talking about finding new points of support, new forces and new ideas that will fit well into your life.

It is 13 that the lunar day will allow you not only to understand what you want to change, but also allow you to do this. Changing yourself correctly, it’s great. The main thing is that the changes do not force you to break in half and fold in painful spasm. Of course, the ability to overpower yourself is highly appreciated in the world of people, but do not be zealous.

On 13 lunar day, it is worth completing some things that are simply impossible to spend on other days with great success.

You can change and optimize work processes in any business. Be the usual cooking borsch, or the system of functioning of a huge corporation. Changes begun on this day will take root. Look for weaknesses carefully in your life and life, exclude them and you will be surprised how easier it becomes to live.

This day is well suited for sports training. You are not happy with your appearance, start the training program on this day and they will benefit you. Moreover, the correct point of entering sports training will allow you to withstand the entire course and not quit your useful lesson in three days.

If on a 13 lunar day you were overtaken by the problems that you considered resolved, then you should treat them with patience. In their appearance, most likely, you yourself are to blame – because at one time they launched these questions for a very. So they caught up with you.

Remember that 12 days and 13 days in the lunar calendar are associated at the energy level. Therefore, most of the actions that you will do on day 13 must be conceived on day 12. The discrepancy between them will cause a conflict, and the undertaking may not work.

You need to know about the contradictions of your perception before the start of spiritual practices. The project will allow you to find the right points of understanding your life and internal reactions. Very often, people do not realize themselves in principle, and this globally harms their internal, and as a result, the real world. The beneficial information is collected that will allow you to find yourself in your own thoughts and misconceptions about yourself.