What are water filters for

The main purpose of the water filter is to clean it. There are several types of filters, so it is not easy to make the right choice. For example, a crane nozzle is quite easy to use, but water purified by this method does not always have high quality. In addition, such a filter needs frequent replacement of a special cartridge, which leads to additional costs. In this regard, filters-pools are much more profitable.

Such water filters can do deep water purification, unlike the filter nozzle. In addition, they do not need a frequent replacement of the cartridge, and the jug itself can be taken with you, wherever you go, it is not tied to one kitchen. Also, in this filter, you can put another cartridge for fluoride or iodization of water if you wish. Its main disadvantage is their small volume, so purified water is always not enough. In addition, you also have to wait until water passes through the cartridge, which is also inconvenient.

Filters that are mounted directly in the water supply system have the greatest efficiency. As a rule, the filter system is immediately installed, since the water must first be cleaned of large impurities such as dirt, rust particles and sand. Then the water is cleaned of chlorine, harmful microorganisms and other dangerous components for health.

Not so long ago, it was just boiled to clean water. Then the question arises – why do you need a filter if the water can be boiled and thereby destroy the bacteria? But it turns out that the concentration in boiled water of the non -volatile compounds becomes larger, since a part of the fluid evaporates with boiling. Naturally, boiling microbes kills, but in addition to them there are other substances in water that can cause even more harm to the body than ordinary E.