What to take with you to the sauna?

Probably, many of us, gathering in the sauna, asked this question. And everyone, of course, answered him in his own way. But, you must admit that there are things that in the sauna are necessary for absolutely everyone.

For example: a towel, slippers, sheets, a head hat, as well as soap and shampoo.

However, many saunas give these beliefs to their customers themselves, so many lovers choose just such institutions, because then you do not need to load themselves with an extra load.

In addition to the above things, you can give you a dressing gown, a bottle of water and aromatic oils (for spraying on a heater). Of course, the cost of such a sauna services will be much more expensive. But those who choose such a level of service receive a lot of positive emotions.

Many take various scrubs and other products to cleansing the skin of the face and body to the sauna. As well as various types of washcloths and warmths made from both natural and artificial materials. These products help not only effectively cleanse yourself from dirt, but also do body massage, which will improve lymph and blood circulation and will help, thereby, the best sweating in the steam room.

Experienced steamers necessarily take a thermos with herbal tea and a jar of honey to the sauna of a thermos. So that after they make several visits to the steam room and are well attached, take a break for tea drinking. The tea in the sauna is a separate tea procedure that gives steamers great pleasure. Leaves and raspberries are sure to put in tea – they increase sweating, as well as lemon balm or mint leaves – to refresh the body and mind. With the addition of fragrant honey, such tea becomes for steamers the best cure for all diseases.

In a word, those who are going to go to the sauna and collects things for this should know many of the subtleties of this procedure.

And all you are light steam!