Why do you need a children’s car seat

Once upon a time there was not even such a concept in our country as “children’s car seats”. Then it was not necessary, because not everyone was owned by cars, if the family had a car, then only one person, but now everyone has them and, moreover, not even one. The modern world with its crazy rhythm and always in a hurry, suggests the presence of such a means of protection in order to protect from possible injuries of your child.

You can buy a children’s car seat in any children’s store – there are options for any age, at which it is done at all. Colors and shapes are diverse, and the price is comparable with the amount spent on a good stroller, but the advantages of this purchase are obvious, because the child’s safety is most important, and if there is an accessible way to everyone, then it must be used.

Each armchair is equipped with reliable mounting belts and are convenient for children, due to their growth and age – do not rub, do not slip, do not interfere. Even a baby can be transported in a car with a chair, since they also provide a semi -flowing position that allows you to sleep without problems. Trips on uneven roads with a baby in hand is not the best solution.

In addition, chairs are designed for almost all brands of cars, with small exceptions. Since usually children sit in the back seats, the chair is installed there, but there is also cars where the installation of a chair is possible only on the spot next to the driver – the people call it the place of suicide. Such cars, for example, include the Volga of the old year of release.

In such cases, it is recommended to generally abandon the trip with the children in such a car, but this is also non -safe – it is possible to fix the chair in the rear seat only if, by equipping safety belts, which are not there, although there is an opportunity to fix this drawback – only for a separate fee.