Casual makeup for brown eyes (with photo)

Autumn is not only an occasion to update and change your wardrobe, but the reason to seriously think about changing cosmetics. Autumn makeup should differ qualitatively from makeup at other times of the year.

That is why girls and women need sensible and useful tips on the correct application of everyday makeup. And, since any makeup is an individual matter, it is necessary to push off the color of your eyes when choosing a pale of shades when choosing a palette of shades. For example, if you are brown -eyed, then the choice of cosmetics should be warm, close to pastel tones.

Particular attention should be paid to everyday makeup, as it is beautiful to look beautiful every day is a special art, which every self -respecting woman should master.

An example is one option for everyday autumn makeup for brown eyes. For clarity, we provide you with step -by -step instructions with a photo.

Stage first. The entire surface of the century with the help of a wide brush of medium hardness must be covered with cream-brown shadows, which have golden shine.

Makeup for brown eyes. Stage first

Stage second. Along the entire lower eyelid of each eye, it is necessary to draw a line. To do this, you can use the black gel pencil. The line is drawn from the inner corner of the eye to the external. Then you need to slightly shave the line you have received. To do this, use black matte shadows. In order to soften saturated black color, you can use beige shadows as dilution.

Makeup for brown eyes. Stage second

Stage third. In order to give shine for centuries, you must first use a special liquid glue for shine. Only after that you can sprinkle the eyelid with a small amount. It is preferable to use golden sparkles.

Makeup for brown eyes. Stage third

Fourth stage. Using a black eyeliner with a thin brush, we emphasize the line of the upper eyelid. Instead of eyeliner, you can use a gel pencil, which you brought the lower line of the eye.

Makeup for brown eyes. Fourth stage

The fifth stage. Comb and stain eyelashes with black mascara. If desired, at this stage you can stick artificial eyelashes, always black.

Makeup for brown eyes. The fifth stage

If you do everything right and use only high -quality cosmetics, then as a result you will get incredibly beautiful makeup, which you can show off in any environment daily.

Makeup for brown eyes. The sixth stage

If you are only learning to properly apply makeup for brown eyes, then your attention is a master class of a professional make -up artist who will tell you about all the intricacies and nuances of the autumn make -up for brown -eyed girls: